Pirodex Murcia S.L.
Pirodex Murcia S.L. is a company of pioneering pyrotechnics in the Región of Murcia. With family tradition from 1894 they are already four generations who have taken charge of the festivies of almost all the municipalities of Murcia, and also it divides from the peoples of the adjacent communities; Valencia with his internationals you fail, The Bonfires of San Juan in Alicante, Almeria, Albacete...

We invite you to know us acroos this web page. Here you will find all the details in order that let you know us better, who we are, our works, it will be able to verify our professionalism in every shot that we relize and first of all it will estimate the confidence level that our clients sit towards us every year..

Expansion Company.
Since Pirodex started in the world of the pyrotechnics, it has experimented a great summit in this sector. So much it that our clients never remain disappointed and year after year they contract again our services (the whole colour spaectacle).

We put color to the sky in the more prestigious parties and much more.

Certainly, also we offer products of sale to the public, with all the levels of quality and safety overcome, in all our great variety of national products. Don´t hesitate to ask us.