In the year 1950 it began the emancipation of the pyrotechnic Jose Palazón Perea in union with his wife Josefina Cañete Hernandez being established in Atchena's locality..

It begins, then, a long path to be established and to become free of the pyrotechnic Mr. Antonio Cañete Aledo (Josefina´s father). In the year 1954 Josefina Cañete dies with a wide professional caeer that from the 10 years of her birth it she had developed together with her father Mr. Antonio Cañete Aledo and her mother Missis Concepción Hernández Fernández and her brothers José and Emilio, being in Murcia and other provinces the pioneers and cosidered before the public and professionals of the pyrotechnics as one of the best pyrotechnic ones of Spain.

Also there worked other relatives, the grandsons of Mr. Antonio Cañete, Andrés and Antonio, forming the whole family a potencial fort of the pyrotecthnic.

Mr. Francisco Palazón López father of Mr. José Palazón Perea. Of which he acquired the knowledges of the pyrotechnics and was progressing in the same one.

More History
From Mr. José Palazón Perea's union and Josefina Cañete Hernández is born in 1944 Mr. Francisco Palazón Cañete. Benginning this generation with his parents in the manufacture and shot of all kinds of pyrotechinics, investigating and obtaining better products, and innovating in the pyrotechnics.

In 1975 Mr. Francisco Palazón Cañete and Missis María Rosa Ríos Carrillo, thy become emancipated from the family work andthey puts in functioning their new facilities, with the bigger technology and bigger satefety that those who had the former family facilities.

This workshop is born with the commercial signature of WORKING LABOUR PYROTECHICS OF EXPLOSIVES named as PIRODEX, in 1998 wiht the incorporation of the children of Mr. Francisco and Missis María Rosa, that they take from their birth the genes of the pyrotechnics, managing to be 4ª generation of pyrotechnics in the saga Cañete and Palazón, consttituting PIRODEX in the mercantile PIRODEX MURCIA S.L.

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