Establishments - Workshops.
Nowadays PIRODEX has 40.000 m2 surface for the facilities of workshops that nowadays occupy 15.000 m2, being in amplification the res of surface.
We have the most modern machinery for the production of all kinds of products, this way like qualified personnel.

Our products alwais are transported in own vehicles authorized for this type of articles. In the workshops they can differentiate the zone of workshops, the zone of warehouses, the zone of prime matters and the store of frameworks for the shot of pyrotechnic spectacles, like that as the bus depots and office.
Our facilities overcome all reviews and expire whith all the procedure of safety that these companies need.
Photographies belong to the bus deports and zone of load of armazore.
In order to be more near our client, in 1997 we open a branch in Murcia, where the public in general can acquire all the articles of our manufacture and of import.
In our offices one handles all the orders of work, as well as the control of materials that enter and go out of our facilities.
In our department of design there are the persons entrusted to design every spectacle of pyrotechnics for computer, and to form the programs of shot. The designers together with the manager of manufacture go I end the final design of every spectacle.
Table of shot for computer:
Design of spectacles: